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Rather than waiting out the storm or running away, the buffalo charges into the storm taking it head on. At The Chiropractic Standard, our mentality is the same when it comes to your health. The answer is not to run away from sickness and disease, but towards health and the pursuit of a higher quality of life.

We Believe That The Human Body Is An Amazing Design

One Divinely created to function and thrive at 100%.

Let us take on this pursuit to higher health with you through the most advanced and reproducible chiropractic care in history. Become part of a community in Greeley that’s passionate about living full of life.

Chiropractic Adjustments for Children in Greeley

Let’s commit to


family thriving!


Why has it become abnormal to feel great, be pain free, and truly living your life to the fullest?

We are committed to changing the status quo and making health, vitality, and abundant joy The Standard of our community. When incorporating the most reproducible, gentle and specific technique in chiropractic history, we know we can make this happen for you and your family.

The Chiropractic Standard team truly believes that your body is an incredible, wonderful, and perfect design that is meant to be functioning at 100%.

Discover how, together, we can help make this a reality, right here in Greeley, CO, through our individualized assessment, using our advanced technology to see exactly what your body needs to be functioning at a higher level.


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Greeley Family Take


Dr. Tyler always says "Own your health or your health will own you!" The unfortunate reality of our current society is too many people let their health dictate their life, especially in their later years. The state of their health can steal away the joys in their life and stop them from doing the things they love.

Taking action over your health now will not only let you feel and function better, it will allow you to experience your life to its fullest.

We urge you to make your appointment today!


Dr. Tyler Terry &

Dr. Hailey Hirata

Are On A Mission To Help You Live Your Best Life.

At The Chiropractic Standard, we are committed to helping you reach your optimum potential in health and wellness.

We have optimized our practice to bring Greeley the most advanced family chiropractic care in history. We believe in our process and how it can help your family thrive!

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