It’s a Family Affair!

The Chiropractic Standard is a true family practice  in Greeley. Our chiropractor and staff will help you bring the benefits of chiropractic to your entire family. Chiropractic care is proven safe and effective for every age group, from infants to the elderly and can provide a lifetime of value.

Let’s get healthy and stay healthy!

What is the point of working hard towards retirement only to be inhibited by the state of your health once you’re there? The answer to living your best life in your later years is being proactive about your health; when we are proactive we can handle just about anything. When we are reactive, and wait for a problem to arise before taking action, we become captive to the situation.

At The Chiropractic Standard we want to maximize your health from an early age and keep improving as you go through life.

Greeley Pediatric Chiropractor Dr. Tyler Terry

The Whole Family

Research shows that children who receive regular chiropractic care can find relief from common childhood health conditions such as chronic allergies, asthma, colds and ear infections. Active adults can boost their energy levels, enhance their performance at work and leisure, and seniors can find relief from issues such as range of motion, balance and pain.

Drug-Free Living

Your body is the smartest doctor. Just think about all the processes that occur in your body without having to think about it. Let’s work with the innate intelligence you already have to get you to an optimal level of health.

Pediatric and Teen Care

What could be better than having your child express their full potential while growing up? They can do the things they love, and be at their best while doing them. Kids under regular chiropractic have been shown to be healthier than those that aren’t. Pediatric chiropractic care for children as they age creates a solid foundation of continued health and nervous system function that will lead to better growth, healthier development, and an improved life.

Adult Care

Let’s get you back to doing the things you love to do. At this point, many people have had to sacrifice something in their life they love doing because of their health. It could be playing with their kids, hiking in the Rockies, playing soccer; it looks different for everyone. No matter what it is, we will work our hardest to make sure you can enjoy it once again.

Senior Care

We want you to be as healthy as you can be in your later years. As many health issues in elderly are common, such as brittle bones, stiffness, degeneration, and balance issues, they are not normal and often time preventable. Chiropractic care can help you at any stage in your life.

Learn More

Knowledge is power! We encourage you to visit our Chiropractic Benefits Research Center, so you can make the best decision for you and your family’s health.


Testimonials from The Chiropractic Standard

No one knows your story until you share it

Judy N. – 5 Stars

“Very thankful my husband started going here and then got me to go along and start seeing the chiropractor . I’m amazed at what they accomplish in such a short visit. I feel a lot better after my appts . Dr Andreas is such a friendly guy and makes you feel comfortable and always has a smile on his face which makes
you feel very welcomed. The entire staff is so great at what they do and are always ready to help you in any way they can. My weekly appts are much appreciated. It’s nice to know you are going to a place where they care about you and take the time to show it!”

Savannah B. – 5 Stars

“Elevate has always been a great experience from the staff to the doctors. Always smiling, call us by name and atmosphere is warm like a living room, but in and out very fast! Child and family friendly. Discounts and payment plans available for convenience. Their precise and thorough approach is gentle and effective.”

Ericka R. – 5 Stars

“I don’t usually give reviews until my experience is complete. Being a business owner myself I find it extremely important to give reviews and tell people about your experience. Word of mouth is the best way to spread the word about an experience. That being said, Elevate Chiropractic is amazing! Being under Dr. Dan’s care for only a short amount of time has been so great! I’ve had chronic shoulder and lower back pain for about as long as I can remember. After my first adjustment…shoulder pain…gone! I’ve had my 4th visit and my lower back is 90% gone! I can only imagine how I’m going to feel in a month!! My oldest son is also a patient and has been more active and clear headed! He’s 10 & has improved tremendously with focus, drive to be active and just be a better kid
Thanks to everyone at Elevate for always a wonderful experience and making my boys feel comfortable

Megan N. – 5 Stars

“From the beginning of my treatment the Elevate team has been extremely warm and welcoming. I have yet to have a negative experience here and on top of having top notch staff, they are truly helping me get better! Even after my first few appointments I saw improvements and am continuing to see positive results. I definitely recommend Elevate to anyone looking for a family-oriented and client-focused experience!”

Lisa T. – 5 Stars

“Dr. Dan and Dr. Andres are both so incredible at what they do. I feel like a million bucks every time I get adjusted. I feel in much better health than when I started receiving care and my scans back that feeling too. The practice itself is so community-oriented, it’s exceptionally clean, the staff is so friendly, and the overall environment is super welcoming.”

Take Action Today For Better Health

As Dr. Dan Wallis often says, “Procrastination is the thief of all health!” The main thing to strive for is to take action now and make a difference in your own health and the health of your family members. Taking a step in the right direction for your health is a phenomenal thing. Join your neighbors in Fort Collins and take action today for your health.

The Chiropractic Assessment from Elevate Chiropractic is like no other and can be the stepping stone for better health for you and your family. It’s an easy, no-obligation way to learn what your spine and central nervous system is telling you about your health. We urge you to make your appointment today!


Our Mission Is To Elevate YOU!

There’s no better way to tell you about the improvements in health that occur every day in our chiropractic office than  to have you listen to the patients just like you.

Every day, we hear about how chiropractic adjustments can make all the difference in the lives of Fort Collins area residents. Take a look at this testimonial about the healing power of chiropractic and call us today to schedule your comprehensive chiropractic assessment.

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